Saturday, 4 April 2015

Who are Footballer Direct?

Who are Footballer Direct?

Welcome to the Footballer Direct blog. If you have just found us you will have some questions immediately arising about what we do, who we are, and what we can do for you as an up and comer. 

Created to be the worlds most popular football scouting platform, Footballer Direct are becoming increasingly involved in the football scouting scene. With new players and management professionals signing up or displaying interest every week, our momentum is increasing month on month. We have created a website that allows you to, for free, present yourself in the best ways possible to the people you want to be seen by. 
Footballer Direct
The Footballer Direct website!

It can be quite difficult as a young player, perhaps at school or college, to represent your self off the pitch. This means you can start to feel like you're stuck in a rut if you don't have new offers coming in once in a while - perhaps while trying to transcend from amateur to semi-pro. This stage is the most important, and because it's so difficult we are losing potential international talent all the time as kids stop playing or 'get realistic' and give up on progression. We aim to turn this tide the other way and give a great platform for all to be able to be seen. Find out more about Footballer Direct in this video and also check out the other Footballer Direct blogs!

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