Saturday, 4 April 2015

Who are Footballer Direct?

Who are Footballer Direct?

Welcome to the Footballer Direct blog. If you have just found us you will have some questions immediately arising about what we do, who we are, and what we can do for you as an up and comer. 

Created to be the worlds most popular football scouting platform, Footballer Direct are becoming increasingly involved in the football scouting scene. With new players and management professionals signing up or displaying interest every week, our momentum is increasing month on month. We have created a website that allows you to, for free, present yourself in the best ways possible to the people you want to be seen by. 
Footballer Direct
The Footballer Direct website!

It can be quite difficult as a young player, perhaps at school or college, to represent your self off the pitch. This means you can start to feel like you're stuck in a rut if you don't have new offers coming in once in a while - perhaps while trying to transcend from amateur to semi-pro. This stage is the most important, and because it's so difficult we are losing potential international talent all the time as kids stop playing or 'get realistic' and give up on progression. We aim to turn this tide the other way and give a great platform for all to be able to be seen. Find out more about Footballer Direct in this video and also check out the other Footballer Direct blogs!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Player Development

Building on the 1v1 to 5v5

Varying the number of players per team inevitably changes the way the game is played. As new players are added, roles change and become more specialised. The structures are called the systems of play as many of you will know. Footballer Direct support grassroots development and hope that more sides will invest in the local youth over spending eye-watering sums on transfers. Working up from 1v1 is a structured learning curve, one that every player who wants to improve should take seriously.

Footballer Direct
Footballer Direct
1v1 is the basic form of football where each player learns a lot about their opponent in a short time, and learns to counter their strengths and exploit their weaknesses. In 2v2, the same is true- but you are also learning your teammate's strengths and weaknesses in order to give you an advantage over the opposition. In practical terms, if your teammate lacks pace but has great ball skills, you will need to compensate by being the more active and putting yourself in good positions.

3v3 to 4v4 is where it starts getting interesting. Players can change positions as the game takes shape and exploit weaknesses in opponent marking or spacing much better. At this stage, neither team has a goal keeper and so the team must work together to minimise the opponents' angles on goal. When we get to 5v5, it is the same as 4v4 but with a dedicated goalkeeper. Footballer Direct reckon that 5v5 is probably the most widely played game in the UK with hundreds of social and amateur teams competing every week.

To find out more about Footballer Direct and our Player Passport visit our website. The video below will let you see how far we've come in developing our platform to the level it is at now and also find out more about what we can do for you by liking the Footballer Direct Facebook page. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Footballer Direct and Grassroots Football

Footballer Direct and Grassroots Football

As a concept, Footballer Direct has evolved since it's creation. We are now proud to be at the helm of what is possibly the most innovative, interactive, and functional football talent platforms in the world. Our ethos revolves around the fact that we want to see more use of grassroots talent in the English leagues and create a productive environment of teamwork and friendship that makes this happen. Upon signing into our platform either with an email address or Facebook (we won't post on your behalf), you can begin to assemble your Player Passport.

Footballer Direct

The Player Passport is your footballing CV. It is your profile, and what other users will see about you. You can choose to display as much or as little about your skills and experience as you like, and even upload videos of your own to the website. Footballer Direct are building relationships with staff at all manner of football clubs, big and small, to enable our players to be seen, and perhaps take the next steps towards professional football. 

There's only one way to find out more about Footballer Direct and make your own Player Passport and that is by visiting the Footballer Direct website and getting started! Also, find out more about how it all works and hear what other users have to say on the other Footballer Direct blogs. The video below was made before we made the website you see today, but it tells you all about the features we wanted to include in the finished product. 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Footballer Direct

Footballer Direct

Welcome to the Footballer Direct Blog. We are proud to be able to say that we have created what is a revolution in football talent scouting. New managers and teams are signing up every week to view the Footballer Direct player pool. With transfers at an all time high in terms of costs, teams need to be able to view grassroots talent with ease and fuel their intakes into U18 and U21 squad lineups. 

Footballer Direct are forging relationships with dozens of teams around the country, some huge, some small, and love the thrill of seeing young talent begin a potentially incredible journey. Check out the new interface in the photo below:

Footballer Direct

What do Footballer Direct do?

The team at Footballer Direct maintain one of the most inventive and needed systems known to professional, semi-pro, and youth football. By making your Player Passport you create a new resume - one totally directed at football, and only seen by others with the same interests. Our team live and breathe football and want to see grassroots football in the UK thrive. 

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is make your profile and engage with other players. Being part of any team is about making friendships with people you otherwise wouldn't have known, but share a common passion and dedication to a singular sport or pursuit. We ask that all players act with courtesy and respect and if you feel that you are better than another player you see on our platform, offer recommendations rather than being mean. This helps no one and will only prove to be a detriment to your footballing career. If you want to make a Player Passport today, visit the Footballer Direct website and watch the video below that details our thoughts and aims of what we want Footballer Direct to become.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Miss Chile and Alexis Sanchez Fiasco

Footballer Direct News: Alexis Sanchez 

After not being able to help his side beat Man Utd on Saturday Alexis Sanchez is not having a good time. He has been accused of texting Camila Andrade, former Miss Chile, behind his girlfriend’s back. Claims include him sending holiday snaps and invitations to dinner during the world cup.

footballer direct

To make matters worse, he was seemingly knocked back by the stunner. She apparently declined his invitation. Although all claims are unverified this is not the first time he’s had off the pitch heat. On at least two other occasions past alleged flames have resurfaced to cause him problems.

If you are a keen, talented footballer then visit Footballer Direct. Creating your Player Passport takes a matter of minutes and lets you upload videos of your skills, communicate with other players, and get scouted by big names. Footballer Direct's unique Player Passport includes functionality to add videos of your skills, photos, your football history, your details and everything that a scout or manager wants to be able to see at a moments glance. Membership of Footballer Direct also gives you the chance to be invited to exclusive events around the country and to see vacancies at league sides. To make it even easier, you can sign into Footballer Direct with your Facebook account. 

footballer direct

Watch this video to find out more about the Player Passport.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Footballer Direct Dalglish Defends Balotelli

Dalglish Defends Balotelli

Footballer Direct is a new online platform designed to get young talent spotted by decision makers in the sport. Register your Player Passport online today on the Footballer Direct website!

Scottish football legend Kenny Dalglish has defended Mario Balotelli regarding his half time shirt swap with Pepe, Real Madrid. He told the media that Balotelli didn’t understand British culture after the Liverpool star was criticised by Brendan Rogers.
Footballer Direct
Footballer Direct
In his column in the Daily Mirror Dalglish said: ‘Some people seem to have interpreted him swapping shirts as a gesture of defiance towards the club because he was going to be substituted. That’s absurd.’

Shirt swapping at half time is common on the continent, although it’s not part of English football culture and created problems for Balotelli. Is it such a big deal? Visit Footballer Direct and like them on Facebook for football news and talent spotting successes.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Footballer Direct: Southampton Progress

Footballer Direct: Arsenal 1 - 2 Southampton

The UK's leading football talent platform Footballer Direct brings you news from across the footballing world. 

Arsenal crash land out of the Capital One Cup following a nasty defeat to Southampton. The latter took full advantage of Arsenal's team selection which saw several big names left on the bench. Wenger claimed that Gibbs and Mertesacker weren't match fit and should be saved for the weekend's North London derby. It was a decision that cost the reds a chance at another piece of silverware.

footballer direct

"... it's disappointing because we had a good start and we made two un-needed errors on the two goals, and big ones..." said Wenger when asked about his side's performance. 

Southampton however now progress and with a strong team we think they are in with a good chance of getting some great results this season.

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