Thursday, 27 November 2014

Miss Chile and Alexis Sanchez Fiasco

Footballer Direct News: Alexis Sanchez 

After not being able to help his side beat Man Utd on Saturday Alexis Sanchez is not having a good time. He has been accused of texting Camila Andrade, former Miss Chile, behind his girlfriend’s back. Claims include him sending holiday snaps and invitations to dinner during the world cup.

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To make matters worse, he was seemingly knocked back by the stunner. She apparently declined his invitation. Although all claims are unverified this is not the first time he’s had off the pitch heat. On at least two other occasions past alleged flames have resurfaced to cause him problems.

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Footballer Direct Dalglish Defends Balotelli

Dalglish Defends Balotelli

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Scottish football legend Kenny Dalglish has defended Mario Balotelli regarding his half time shirt swap with Pepe, Real Madrid. He told the media that Balotelli didn’t understand British culture after the Liverpool star was criticised by Brendan Rogers.
Footballer Direct
Footballer Direct
In his column in the Daily Mirror Dalglish said: ‘Some people seem to have interpreted him swapping shirts as a gesture of defiance towards the club because he was going to be substituted. That’s absurd.’

Shirt swapping at half time is common on the continent, although it’s not part of English football culture and created problems for Balotelli. Is it such a big deal? Visit Footballer Direct and like them on Facebook for football news and talent spotting successes.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Footballer Direct: Southampton Progress

Footballer Direct: Arsenal 1 - 2 Southampton

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Arsenal crash land out of the Capital One Cup following a nasty defeat to Southampton. The latter took full advantage of Arsenal's team selection which saw several big names left on the bench. Wenger claimed that Gibbs and Mertesacker weren't match fit and should be saved for the weekend's North London derby. It was a decision that cost the reds a chance at another piece of silverware.

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"... it's disappointing because we had a good start and we made two un-needed errors on the two goals, and big ones..." said Wenger when asked about his side's performance. 

Southampton however now progress and with a strong team we think they are in with a good chance of getting some great results this season.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Footballer Direct Tips

Footballer Direct: Dribbling Skills

Footballer Direct is the UKs leading platform for up and coming footballers to get spotted. Register your interest today with Footballer Direct and follow our football news twitter for all the latest. In this post we give you a dribbling drill that will help the ball skills of any aspiring footballer.

Footballer Direct
Footballer Direct

What you will do is firstly, place five markers in a straight line, leaving about 2 to 3 yards between each one.

The aim of this drill is to basically dribble the ball from start to finish, weaving in and out of the cones.

Do this slowly at first but as you get more confident, pick the pace up and try to do it faster.

Use both feet to control the ball if you are confident with your weaker foot and don't get discouraged if your dribbling is heavy, you will get better with practice.

Once you start getting better, you can move the cones closer together to make it harder for yourself. This drill helps you get better at shifting weight in order to beat defenders.

Being able to move left, then right in quick succession can play a key factor in being able to take on defenders and create room for yourself. Increase the speed of the drill and you'll soon be dodging midfielders instinctively.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Former Aston Villa defender retires

Olof Mellberg: Former Aston Villa defender retires

Former Aston Villa defender and Sweden international Olof Mellberg has retired after an 18-year career.
The 36-year-old won league titles at AIK Stockholm and Olympiakos and also represented Racing Santander, Juventus, Villarreal and FC Copenhagen.
Mellberg said: "Today I ended my contract with FC Copenhagen, which will be the last in my football career."
The centre-back was capped 117 times for his country before retiring from international football after Euro 2012.
He spent seven years with Villa, making 263 appearances, before leaving for Juventus in 2008.

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Latest Football Stats

Footballer Direct

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