Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Footballer Direct and Grassroots Football

Footballer Direct and Grassroots Football

As a concept, Footballer Direct has evolved since it's creation. We are now proud to be at the helm of what is possibly the most innovative, interactive, and functional football talent platforms in the world. Our ethos revolves around the fact that we want to see more use of grassroots talent in the English leagues and create a productive environment of teamwork and friendship that makes this happen. Upon signing into our platform either with an email address or Facebook (we won't post on your behalf), you can begin to assemble your Player Passport.

Footballer Direct

The Player Passport is your footballing CV. It is your profile, and what other users will see about you. You can choose to display as much or as little about your skills and experience as you like, and even upload videos of your own to the website. Footballer Direct are building relationships with staff at all manner of football clubs, big and small, to enable our players to be seen, and perhaps take the next steps towards professional football. 

There's only one way to find out more about Footballer Direct and make your own Player Passport and that is by visiting the Footballer Direct website and getting started! Also, find out more about how it all works and hear what other users have to say on the other Footballer Direct blogs. The video below was made before we made the website you see today, but it tells you all about the features we wanted to include in the finished product. 

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